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Residential Moving 

Smith's Superior Services LLC., offers some of the most affordable and reliable residential moving services to the Metro Detroit and surrounding areas in Michigan.  Not only do we offer superior local moving services but we also handle out of state moving services leaving from out of the area as well.   We take great pride in assisting our customers and assuring that their belongings will be treated like royalty when in our hands.  Our staff make it a priority that we live by our company model which is providing an affordable, stress and hassle free service to our customers! 

Commercial Cleaning 

Smith's Superior Services LLC., not only offers residential moving but also provides commercial cleaning services.  We have been working in the commercial cleaning industry for over 5 years, once established as subcontract employees it wasn't until the year of 2017 that we decided to not only offer residential moving services but also cleaning services under our brand name.  We take on the task of floor mopping, dusting,  bathroom cleaning, floor scrubbing, floor buffing,  dusting, emptying trash etc.  We have serviced local bars, car dealerships,  dental office and many other commercial buildings.  We believe that putting our customers first is the main objective and the only way to achieve what we stand for, affordable, stress and hassle free services!

Smith's Superior Services LLC. 

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